Hyperspace Challenge is a business accelerator that forges valuable relationships between the government, startup, and university communities to accelerate innovation for the space domain. 


trusted autonomy

Now through December, we’re bringing together startups, universities and government innovators to tackle the following challenge:

How might we accelerate adoption of trusted autonomous solutions for space?

How it Works


July through August

Sign up for our webinar series by filling out our quick and easy form, and to start the conversation about your company's or university team's technology.

Be on hand to answer questions from our advisory committee.


Late July - Sept 10

Attend a series of webinars to learn about specific capabilities and iterate how you believe your technology could best be leveraged to build new capabilities for the government.

Submit your application by September 10th. You need to sign up for the webinars to receive the application details.


October - December

Invited startups and government innovators will come together to iterate on top concepts and explore opportunities for contracting and rapid acquisition.

Throughout the program you'll attend 1:1 meetings with government customers, while receiving support from experts coaching you through the ins and outs of working with government

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Ready to Get Started

Government Innovators

Join a highly curated group of government innovators who have the will to change rapidly and the ability to influence purchasing decisions to facilitate rapid acquisition or contracting. Limited space is available to get involved.

Contact Capt. Roger Anderson to learn more.

Sponsors & Partners

Want to help advance innovation in space? Email to sponsor our 2020 cohort.

the 2020 hyperspace challenge is now closed

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Hyperspace Challenge, launched in 2018, is a business accelerator fueled by the U.S. Space Force and Air Force Research Lab, in partnership with CNM Ingenuity, to support the Space Vehicles directorate and our U.S. government personnel everywhere.

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