For startup / small business teams:

We recommend three roles from a company be present, dependent on the activity, to realize the full benefit of the interactions:
  1. Business Development Lead (CEO for many startups)
  2. Technical Lead (CTO for many startups, understands overall capabilities of the company’s technology[ies])
  3. Product Lead / Developer (i.e. team member working under Technical Lead who is hands-on with the code)

For university teams:

We are interested and committed to building lasting relationships with universities. With that in mind, we do ask that teams have a faculty member committed to participating in the program. Beyond that, we are flexible with how a team is constituted. We do value creating opportunities for students at all levels (undergrad, graduate, and PhD), so if there aren’t any on the team, we’d appreciate learning if the team would be open to including them, and how a team would plan to accomplish that.