Tech Startups + Defense Innovators = Accelerated Innovation

Hyperspace Challenge, powered by the Air Force Research Lab New Mexico and ABQid, brings together tech startups with defense innovators to accelerate innovation for the defense community. Our unique program facilitates interactions between promising technologies and timely problems to increase rapid acquisition and contracting opportunities. Our goal isn’t innovation at the speed of light; it’s faster.

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2018 Challenge: Data Analytics

Now through November 16, we’re bringing together tech startups and defense innovators around the following challenge:

How might we provide amazing new capabilities for our warfighters by applying advancements in data analytics to the Space domain?

The 2018 program will bring startups and defense innovators together around a number of geospatial problems such as:

Identify changes at facilities using automated geospatial data analyses to better prioritize and allocate resources for in-depth inspections.

Query open source geospatial data on-demand and consume it for broad planning and decision making without need for an intermediary.

The Program

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Now through August 31

Sign up for our September webinar series by filling out our quick and easy form, and to start the conversation about your company’s technology.

Be on hand to answer questions from our advisory committee.


September 3 – 21

Attend one or more of a series of webinars to learn about specific defense needs and interact directly with defense innovators. Then, submit your company’s best idea for how your data analytics technology could help solve those problems.

Be on hand to answer questions from our advisory committee.


Week of November 12

Invited startups and defense innovators will form teams around top concepts and iterate quickly using the Lean Startup methodology. All plans pitched at week’s end will be awarded prizes up to $25k to spur further work toward acquisition or contracting for the benefit of our defense community.


Tech Startups

Our goal is to provide startups with an amazing customer discovery experience that results in contracting and acquisitions. You’re excited about the technology you’ve developed–you even have commercial traction.

We’re putting the best data analytics startups in front of top defense innovators with the ability to influence purchasing decisions. If you believe your technology can help solve defense problems in the space domain, but you’re not sure who to approach, what opportunity to apply for, or what jargon to use–this program is for you.

Here’s how the program works:

Sign up by telling us about your company and uploading a white paper or deck about what you’re working on in data analytics. Signing up puts you on the list of potential invitees for the September webinar series.


We’ll invite vetted companies (based on team, technology, and traction) to participate in a series of webinars in the first two weeks of September to unpack specific problem statements. Companies will then submit their best ideas for applying their technology to the defense community by September 21.


The top companies (based on impact potential, business viability, technical viability, and team) will be invited to join a highly curated group of defense innovators in Albuquerque the week of November 12 to rapidly iterate a plan to get the innovation in our warfighter’s hands as quickly as possible, and present those plans at the end of the week! You’ll work with an Air Force liaison beforehand to ready you for collaboration.


Awards totaling $80,000 ($25k for first; all participating teams will receive an award) will be distributed to help the best plans take their next steps in acquisition or contracting as quickly as possible. Your liaison will stick with you throughout to push the process!

Defense Innovators

Join a highly curated group of defense innovators who have the will to innovate rapidly and the ability to influence purchasing decisions to facilitate rapid acquisition or contracting. Limited space is available to get involved.

Contact Gabe Mounce to learn more.

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Upload a presentation or white paper explaining your data analytics technology.


Hyperspace Challenge is an initiative fueled by the Air Force Research Lab in partnership with ABQid in support of the Space Vehicles directorate and our U.S. defense personnel everywhere.

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